Different Ways To Contact Globacom Nigeria Glo Customer Care

Different Ways To Contact Globacom Nigeria Glo Customer Care

Different Ways To Contact Globacom Nigeria Glo Customer Care

Different Ways To Contact Globacom Nigeria Glo Customer Care

Globacom Limited, popularly known as Glo, first rolled out its services in August 2003. With the commencement of Glo telecoms services to Nigeria, Glo customer care also commenced operations.

Glo customer care, like any self-respecting customer care service, is staffed by trained personnel to listen to the complaints of subscribers. Not just listen though; they are also trained to solve the issues that might arise while using Globacom’s services.

Globacom Limited now has about 37 million active subscribers. This makes it the second largest telecoms firm in the country after MTN.

With so many subscribers, it became imperative to make it easier to access a Glo customer care staff. It is for that reason there are several means of getting in touch with them.

Some of the common means of contacting them are through the Glo customer care numbers, Glo retail shops around the country, Glo email address, Glo social media handles, and GLO self-service codes.

How to Contact Glo Customer Care service

1. Glo call center

Using the Glo customer care numbers, millions of GLO subscribers have access to the Glo call center.

Opened every day at all hours (247), the trained staff are there to deal with any kind of problems subscribers might encounter while using Globacom services.

The customer care center is available to both prepaid and post-paid customers.

Glo subscribers can reach the customer care agent by dialing these numbers (using Glo SIM):

  • 121 for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers
  • 200 for corporate clients

Also, one can contact Glo customer care from any line by dialing 0805 002 121 and 0805 002 200 for individuals and corporate subscribers respectively.

2. Other Glo Customer Care numbers


This is also known as the Glo Hurry Help Line. Using this number means you want to bypass the waiting period associated with calling 121 or 200.

Assistance would be rendered immediately you call. But you would be charged N25 anytime you make a call. There is no limit placed on how long you can chat with the Glo customer care agent.


Call this number when you have Internet-related problems only. It is free of charge.


This a self-help service. You would get information about Glo services, tariffs, packages, and the latest promotions and offers.

However, you won’t be able to speak to a Glo customer care agent. But the interactive voice service can help you resolve minor issues you might have as a Glo subscriber.

One unique thing about the 500 code is the option to listen in your preferred major Nigerian language. These are the codes to dial

  • 5001 – English
  • 5002 – Yoruba
  • 5003 – Hausa
  • 5004 – Igbo

3. Glo Customer care email addresses

If you prefer contacting the Glo through email, the addresses to use are

  • customercare@gloworld.com for individuals


  • corporatecare@gloworld.com for businesses


  • broadaccesscare@gloword.com for broadband Internet issues


  • blackberry@gloworld.com for Blackberry issues

4. Gloworld Retail Shops

Globacom has literary hundreds of physical shops around the country. Every major city in the country has at least one Glo retail shop.

These shops are there for subscribers and members of the public to get help in whatever capacity. That is, as long as it has something to do with using Glo services.

So if you need information about their services like tariffs, data bundles and data plans, and the different packages, it is the place to head to.

You can also buy Glo branded items like modems, phones and of course buy and register your SIM card.

5. Globacom live chat

If for one reason or the other you don’t want to speak to a customer care agent through the phone, or going to a Glo retail shop is out of the question, Glo live chat is another option open to you.

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With Glo live chat, you can chat with a Glo customer care agent through the Gloworld website.

On your computer just head to www.gloworld.com on your web browser usually, the live chat B.utton is located at the lower right-hand corner of the web page.

Click on the chat icon. You would be connected to a customer care agent after a while. You can ask any questions by typing in the box provided.

Most of the time, your issue(s) would be resolved professionally.

6. Social Media

Globacom also has an active social media presence. Their social media pages are also a means to contact a Glo customer care agent.

These are where you can get them on social media:

  • Facebook – www.facebook.com/GloWorld


  • Twitter – www.twitter.com/gloworld


  • Google + – plus.google.com/+gloworld


  • Instagram – www.instagram.com/globacomlimited

Simply post any query you have. A customer care agent would attend to you after asking for your some of your details like your number if you are a Glo subscriber.

So with Globacom, subscribers and members of the public have various options if they wish to contact Glo customer care.

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Different Ways To Contact Globacom Nigeria Glo Customer Care

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