Oil Block and Oil Well Owners in Nigeria (See Full List)

Nigeria Oil Block and Oil well owners

Nigeria Oil Block and Oil well owners

Nigeria Oil Block and oil well owners…

You have already known by now that Nigeria is a petroleum-producing country and there are many oil blocks awarded to certain people who own a share of the oil blocks or oil wells by proving that they can meet certain conditions.

Little is known about the oil well owners in Nigeria and sometimes what is thought of as facts and true are actually outright misinformation. There are certain conditions to be met before being awarded an oil well. Some persons just work with these oil wells to manage them but do not own them in anyway.

Nigeria Oil Block and oil well owners

In this article we would be revealing the full list of oil block and oil well owners in Nigeria. Before we go further, let’s explain what oil blocks and oil wells are.

What are Oil Blocks and Oil Wells?

An oil block or an oil field is a place with an abundance of oil pockets called oil wells which contains crude oil or petroleum which can be drilled and extracted and which is below the earth’s surface. It could be on land or a little below water level and could be as deep and hundreds of kilometers into the earth’s surface, across and with the oil wells numbering into many. While;

An oil well is basically a pocket of oil in below the earth’s surface which contain crude oil or petroleum which is significant enough to be extracted or drilled. There are 3 types of oil wells which are:

  • Crude oil producing oil wells;
  • Natural gas producing oil well and;
  • Natural gas and crude oil producing oil wells

How the Federal Government of Nigeria Awards Oil Blocks and Oil Wells.

As stated above, there are many controversies and misinformation when it comes to how oil blocks and oil wells are awarded. In recent years, the Federal Government through the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, made public statements to clarify this.

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The DPR stated that oil blocks and oil wells are awarded based on the bids made by interested persons that are being considered by the DPR and qualified persons awarded the oil blocks and oil wells. It was revealed that Nigerians own 52 percent of the oil blocs in Nigeria. Foreign petroleum companies own the remaining 48 percent of the oil blocs. It was also revealed that there are 173 active oil blocs in Nigeria. In total, there are 388 oil blocs in Nigeria.

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List of Active Oil Fields in Nigeria.

  • Asuokpu/Umutu field owned by Platform Petroleum
  • Ibigwe field by Walter Smith and Morris Petroleum
  • Uquo field  by Frontier Oil
  • Ajapa field – Britania-U
  • Umusadege field by Midwestern Oil and Gas, and Suntrust Obodogwa/Obodeti field by Pillar Oil

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Full List of Oil Block and Oil Well Owners in Nigeria.

  1. General Theophilus Danjuma chairs the board of SAPETRO who are the owners of OPL 246
  2. Colonel Sanni Bello chairs the board of International Petroleum Development Company who are the owners of NOML 112 and OML 177
  3. Alhaji Mohammed Ludimi owns OML 115
  4. Alhaji W.I. Folawiyo chairs the board of Yinka Folawiyo LTD who are the owners of OML 113
  5. Alhaji Aminu Cantata chairs the board of Express Petroleum Company Limited who are the owners of OML 108
  6. Alhaji Sela Mohammed Gambo chairs the board of Nor East Petroleum Limited who are the owners of OML 215
  7. Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero chairs the board of Seppat Petroleum Limited who are the owners of ASUOKPU/UMUTU
  8. Alhaji Mai Daribo owns OML 110
  9. Rilwan Lukman chairs the board of AMNI who are the owners of OML 112 and OML 117
  10. Atiku  Abubakar, Yar’ Adua and Bayero own Intels Petroleum which has many stakes
  11. Dan Etete chairs the board of Malibu Oil and Gas Company who are the owners of OPL 245
  12. Peter Odili chairs the board of RivGas Oil and Gas Company who are the owners of OPL 289 and OPL 233
  13. Andy Uba chairs the board of Focus Energy who are the owners of OPL 248
  14. Emeka Offor has a stake in Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited managers of OPL 291
  15. Mike Adenuga Chairs the board of Conoil which owns 6 oil blocks
  16. Alfred James Petroleum are the owners of OPL 302 along with the Sijiuade family, Femisola Awosika and A.O. Adeyinka
  17. Ibrahim Bunu chairs the board of Optimum Petroleum owners OPL 310
  18. O. Udoji chairs the board of  2 Soglas Nigeria Limited owners OPL 226
  19. Saleh Jambo chairs the board of  2 North East Petroleum owners OPL 215
  20. Sanni Bello owns a stake in OPL 112 and OPL 117
  21. Aminu Alhassan dantata chairs the board of  Express Petroleum Committee owners OPL 108 and OPL 227
  22. Arthur Eze chairs the board of  Atlas Petroleum Intl. Limited owners OPL 109
  23. K.O Abiola chairs the board of  Summit Oil owners OPL 205 and OPL 206
  24. Mohammed Indimi chairs the board of  Oriental Energy Resources owners of OPL 115
  25. Kase Lawal chairs the board of  Allied Energy Resources Big Limited owners OPL  120 & 121
  26. A. Olukun chairs the board of  Summit Oil owners OPL 122
  27. David Richards along with 3 others chair the board of  Niger Delta Western owners OPL 34
  28. Ibukun Olawepo, Rachel Akintola and others run Oil World owners of OPL 241
  29. B.C Orjiako chairs the board of Zebbra Energy Limited who are the owners of OPL 248
  30. Reggie Uduhim chairs the board of Oil and Gas Limited who are the owners of OPL 249
  31. B. Lulu Briggs owns OPL 114, OPL 231, OPL 234, and OPL 239
  32. Mai Derive chairs the board of  Cavendish Petroleum Big Ltd owners of OPL 110
  33. Module Alakija chairs the board of  Famta Oil Limited owners of OPL 216
  34. Said Kuashi chairs the board of  Crown Well Petroleum owners of  OPL 226
  35. Appia Korang, A. Peppe, Oba Gbadebo, O.A Kpata, O. Adeyemo, M.O Osunsanya, O. Boyo, J.A Tinubu chair the board of Oando owners of OPL 278, 236
  36. Onoh Anthony and others such as , Onoh Christiana, Onoh Ngozi, George Udoekong, Nwauche Erastus chair the board of Eurafric Energy Limited Dawes Island owners of OML 54
  37. Unejei T, Akinro C.A along with others chair the board of Bicta Energy
  38. Ewendu Chidi  along with others chair the board of Platform Petroleum Limited owners of OML 38
  39. Du- Frayed along with others such as Baba Lawal, Cole Tonye, Odunsi Ade, Adeniji Titi, Akinla Ladipo, Bentley John, Ciroma Musa chair the board of Sahara Energy & African Oil Ltd owners of OML 40 oil well.
  40. Fatona Layi along with others such as Aret Adams, Uduimp Itsueli, Sammy Olagbaju, David Richard, Udi Ibru chair the board of Niger Delta Company owners of OML 54
  41. Macpepple Victoria along with family members such as MacPepple Henry, Macpepple Joy, MacPepple Emmanuel, MacPepple Elfrida manage Prime Petr. Ltd & Suffolk Petroleum manages OML 11
  42. Usman Danburran and  along with Alhaji Indimi chair the board of Oriental Energy owners of OML 67
  43. Nwauche Erastus  along with others such as Onoh Anthony, Onoh Christiana, Onoh Ngozi, George Udoekong manage the board of Eurafric Energy Limited Dawes Island owners of OML 54
  44. Aliyu Abubakar along with others such as Brigidi David, Alamieyesheiga Anitonbrapa, Ifimaim Ekine, Jonathan Selereipre, Enddeley Francis, Chinwetelu Chris, Williams E.J chairs the board of Bayelsa Oil Company Ayala owners of OML 46.

Nigeria Oil Block and oil well owners

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Oil Block and Oil Well Owners in Nigeria (See Full List)

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